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please don't use feram

Don’t use FeRAM

Please don’t use FeRAM. Why?

Don't use FeRAM

Before answering this question, I need to tell you the features for FeRAMs.

Four key features are as belows.

1. The most important is the non-volatile. The data captured will be disappear even if there is power off and it doesn’t need any battery to keep data.

2.  Fast write speed. I can enable users t rewrite data without erase the original ones, and there will be no waiting time for erasing or writing.

3.  High read write endurance, up to 10 trillion read/write cycles, which is about 10 million times for EEPROM.

4.  Low power consumption. No booster circuit for write operation, reduce power consumption at writing by 92% than that of EEPROM, and no data retention current to keep the data.

Many customers who used EEPROM or Flash memories switched to FeRAMs gradually. Once they used FeFRAMs, no one want to switch back the old memories even the price is a little higher. Plus, Fujitsu FeRAM price is down and down and is more favorable to most companies. If you would like to know the price of any model, please kindly contact us on line or send emails.

The Following video tells you more details about the features. Plesae have a look.

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