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Fujitsu FeRAM Memory For Automobiles

Fujitsu FERAM Memory for automotives

Fujitsu FeRAM Memory solution is applicable to automotive/industrial control applications.
Fujitsu (FUJITSU) Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) Solution (MB85RS2MTY), which is a new product series element, can operate in a high temperature environment up to 125 degrees Celsius, and complies with the AEC Q100 verification specification of the North American automotive industry. It is specially designed for the automotive industry and industrial control machinery installed with electricity.

Feng Yixin, director of Fujitsu’s electronic product management department, said that the automotive industry is undergoing the largest transformation in history. Through the new FRAM solution, the company is able to support startups in transforming ideas into practical products. The company is not only a supplier of components worldwide, but also provides consulting services for every development project, identifying solutions for each challenge, and assisting customers in accelerating innovation processes.

The demand for vehicle electronic control systems to access various sensor data continues to increase, so the demand for high-performance Non-volatile memory technology is also increasing. For example, when data analysis or other data processing methods are used, only systems using this type of memory can reliably and without delay store the data collected by sensors.

Because FRAM is a Non-volatile memory, it can not only perform high-speed random access, but also has the characteristics of high write endurance, so it can meet the needs of such applications with the best performance. FRAM can support real-time and continuous data storage in applications such as air bag data storage, accident data recorder (EDR), Battery management system (BMS), automobile driving assistance system (ADAS), navigation and infotainment systems, so it can reduce system complexity and improve data integrity.

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