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Huada MCU CIU32X with Low Power Consumption CIU32M011K3PBxJ-LQFP48

Huada MCU CIU32X Product introduction

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Huada MCU CIU32X Product introduction

CIU32M011x3 and CIU32M031x5 are 32-bit microcontrollers using high-performance ARM®Cortex™-M0 as the core, the highest operating frequency can reach 72MHz, built-in high-speed memory Flash64/48/32/16KB and RAM8/6/4KB, rich enhancement Type I/O ports and peripherals are connected to the external bus. This product contains 1 12-bit ADC, 1 16-bit advanced timer, 6 16-bit general-purpose timers, 1 basic timer, 1 independent watchdog, 1 window watchdog, 1 system time timer device. It also includes standard communication interfaces: 2 SPI/IIC interfaces, 2 UART interfaces. The application scheme can pass third-party qualified testing such as ESD electrostatic ±8kV contact/±15kV air, EFT electrical fast burst ±4.5KV dynamic, CS conduction immunity 10V dynamic and CE, RE performance test, etc., with high reliability and stability .

Main features

• Support sensorless and sensory FOC/square wave/SVPWM control to reduce costs;

• Internally integrated LDO, op amp and comparator to meet the different needs of single/dual resistor current sampling topologies;

• Built-in hardware multiplier and hardware divider to improve operation speed;

• The overall control circuit is simple and efficient, with strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable;

• Wider operating voltage and operating temperature ensure the versatility of power supply and adaptability to the environment;

• Complete motor control algorithm library to reduce development difficulty;

• Integrated gate drive module, which can directly drive three-way P/NMOS power devices – “integrated pre-driver type”;

Typical applications

• Household electrical appliances: such as gas water heaters, range hoods, refrigerator condensing fans, floor fans, ceiling fans, vacuum cleaners, sweepers, fascia guns, air purifiers, wall breakers, drone ESCs, high-speed hair dryers, etc.;

• White goods: such as refrigerator compressors, dishwashers, clothes dryers, air-conditioning fans, etc.;

• Power tools: such as garden tools (lawn mowers), hand tools, professional tools (water pumps), etc.;

• Green riding: such as electric two/tricycles, balance cars, electric scooters, etc.

Huada MCU CIU32X Model List

CIU32M011H3HBxJSSOP2432K8K137*16bit3 complementary
15 independence


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