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Meig Smart LTE Cat4 Module SLM750 MiniPCIE

MeiG LTE Cat 4 IoT module SLM750 adopts the latest LTE Cat 4 chip of Qualcomm 9X07, while having ultra-low power consumption.

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Product Description

SLM750 MINIPCIE, MeiG LTE Cat 4 IoT module , adopts the latest LTE Cat 4 chip of Qualcomm 9X07, while having ultra-low power consumption, it supports FDD-LTE Band1/3/5/8 TDD-LTE Band38/39/40/ 41 (frequency band combination can be customized), the maximum downlink 150Mbps & uplink 50Mbps rate, and compatible with a variety of operating systems, can be widely used in OBD, TBOX, driving recorder, car DVR, smart car, smart rearview mirror and other fields .

The LTE network achieves a downlink rate of 150Mbps and an uplink rate of 50Mbps, and is backward compatible with existing 3G and 2G networks to ensure that even network communication is also possible in remote areas.


SLM750 MiniPCIe Features

1. Ultra-wide temperature range: -40-80°C, meeting various conditions of use

2. High EMC performance: car-level standard to ensure normal use in harsh environments

3. Ultra-low power consumption: the average power consumption in sleep state is less than 2mA.

4. VOLTE voice support: high-definition sound quality, data and voice synchronization

5. Environmental protection and safety: support BODY SAR function

6. Flash partition backup: to prevent system crashes that cannot be recovered.

7. Open Linux: easy to develop, providing more space for secondary development of partners (under development)

8. Remote sleep wake-up function: the whole machine sleeps, and the remote wake-up module wakes up the whole machine at the same time

9. Remote FOTA upgrade: easy to maintain, one-key remote upgrade, support resumable upload

10. Remote diagnosis: support Linux terminal to grab logs directly, without PC and network

SLM750 MiniPCIe Bands Description

Model NoBandsRx DiversityGNSSPCM/Analog voice
LTE-TDD:B38/39/40/41 WCDMA:B1/8 GSM:900/1800
SLM750-VELTE-FDD:B1/3/5/7/8/20 LTE-TDD:B40 WCDMA:B1/5/8 GSM:900/1800Yes/OptionalYes/OptionalYes/Optional
SLM750-VAULTE-FDD:B1/3/5/7/8/28 LTE-TDD:B40 WCDMA:B1/5/8 GSM:850/900/1800Yes/OptionalYes/OptionalYes/Optional
SLM750-VSALTE-FDD:B2/4/5/7/8/28 LTE-TDD:B40 WCDMA:B2/5/8 GSM:850/900/1900Yes/OptionalYes/OptinalYes/Optional

In the future, MeiG Smart will increase its investment in the research and development of 4G communication modules in the field of vehicle communication, and further strengthen the technological innovation, application innovation and experience innovation of vehicle networking systems, applications and services.

In-depth cooperation with well-known companies in the market to jointly develop 4G communication modules and related IoT smart terminal electronic products with leading technology, rich functions, extreme experience, and excellent cost performance. Become an influential enterprise in the Internet of Things era.

Kingdom-tech is the authorized distributor of Meig Smart, plus our own R&D team, customers can be set assured for the technical issues. Any inquiry, please contact us.



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