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Who are Fujitsu Distributors for Memory ICs?

Fujitsu Distributor Kingdom-tech Electronic

Who are Fujitsu Distributors for Memory ICs?

FUJITSU group has been offering memory products for over 50 years since 1969. Today, Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution Limited offers FeRAM(Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) and ReRAM(Resistive Random Access Memory) products of non-volatile memory devices that can retain data without a power supply or backup battery and its memory solution.

Fujitsu Semiconductor only sells the memory ICs by their distributors. Who are Fujitsu Semiconductor’s distributors?

  1. Kingdom-tech Electronic
  2. Kagafei
  3. Memorysolution Gmbh
  4. Gemstone
  5. Radar

Kingdom-tech is located in Shenzhen, China, which is very near to Fujitsu Japan. We are the first directly signed distributor by Fujitsu. Kingdom-tech can serve the Republic of China(including HK, Macao and Taiwan), European Union Countries, United states of America and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Singapre, Republic of Korea, Republic of India, Kingdom of Thailand, Socialist Republic of Vietman, Swiss Confederation, Kingdom of Norway, Czech Republic.

We have been holding the idea of customer first, never cheating, 100% original products, and the most competitive prices. Welcome all customer to visit us for a face to face talking.

If you have any inquiry, please contact us on line or talk to Fujitsu Semiconductor. Any questions will be welcomed.

Fujitsu distributor certification
Fujitsu distributor certification

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