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FeRAM used for ADAS

The essence of autonomous driving, or ADAS, is the dialogue between the car and the environment, which is realized through processes such as sensor data collection, memory recording data, processor computing data, and feedback. And these processes need to be completed in a very short period of time. In addition to high speed, the key among the keys—reliability must be guaranteed.

Since safety control systems in the field of automotive electronics are crucial to driving safety, high-end configurations such as electronic stability control systems and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) in the field of safety control systems are expected to become standard equipment for passenger cars. Take TPMS application as an example.

On the one hand, the built-in battery of the tire is difficult to replace after leaving the factory, so the low power consumption of FeRAM can give full play to its advantages; on the other hand, in order to ensure sufficient safety, the tire pressure data must be written and recorded frequently. A calculation is written once every second, and a total of 320 million times have been written after 10 years of use. The high read/write durability of FeRAM enables it to support up to 10 trillion write times, and its performance is much higher than that of EEPROM, which is affordable, making it the first choice for non-volatile memory in safety control systems.


Fujitsu FeRAM is a ferroelectric random access memory (memory) that combines non-volatile and random access features that retain data even in the event of a power failure. The data retention of FeRAM not only does not require a backup battery, but also has superior high-speed writing, high read-write durability, and low power consumption compared with traditional non-volatile memories such as EEPROM and FLASH.

Non-volatile memory, FeRAM, does not require a battery to hold data, so there is no power consumption when holding data. Moreover, the writing time is shorter than general EEPROM and flash memory, and has the advantage of low writing energy consumption. Fujitsu FeRAM is the agent of Insun Microelectronics to provide users with application solutions and other product services.