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FeRAM in BMS (Battery Management System) application

Ferroelectric memory is a kind of random access memory, and it is also a non-volatile memory of a special process. It will provide fast read and write access to dynamic random access memory (DRAM), which belongs to personal computer storage. The most commonly used type, combined with the ability to retain data after the power is turned off.

BMS is the rechargeable battery intelligent management system. It is the key link connecting the vehicle power lithium battery and the pure electric vehicle. It is the system software for information management of construction equipment video monitoring system and information security system software. BMS is an important part of the power lithium battery pack. Its main function is to test various state parameters of the pure electric vehicle power lithium battery, including individual operating voltage, total operating voltage, current, temperature, etc. Front-end development collects data, carries out SOC estimation and rechargeable battery balance. Therefore, the reliable storage of its monitoring data is very important.


For example, the power of a battery unit generally maintains between 30% and 75%, indicating normal operation. If there is an imbalance, it needs to be replenished from other units. At this time, the system needs to detect and record the power, temperature, voltage, current, etc. of the battery unit. data, and the time interval of a single monitoring record cannot be too long.

Because the monitoring IC in each battery module records and writes data through FeRAM, this means that the data recording and writing of the BMS system is very frequent, and the requirement for the number of times of writing to the non-volatile memory is relatively high. The high durability of FeRAM (rewritable to 10 trillion times) just meets the requirements of critical applications such as BMS for excellent performance and stable and reliable memory.