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Application of FeRAM in autonomous driving technology

Environmental sensors & cameras, Internet of Vehicles communication technology and artificial intelligence decision-making platform are the core technologies of autonomous driving technology. Sensors, CAN communication, and infotainment systems need to store current status information in real time and continuously, and perform real-time analysis and processing. Therefore, there is a need to improve the performance and endurance design of memory, and these requirements make FeRAM an ideal storage choice.

High-speed programming, high read and write durability:

The system is often disturbed by engine shutdown, navigation, backup camera or phone entry. High-end car infotainment needs to record the current status in real time and return the current status (last mode, operation history and GPS data) after the disturbance.

TPMS 002

FeRAM application in Car Infotainment

TPMS 003

FeRAM Application in TPMS

High programming endurance, high-speed writing speed, low power consumption:

The new-generation TPMS system requires timely and continuous monitoring of tire internal pressure, temperature and acceleration information over time, and the data collection frequency is 1 time/0.5msec.

The new generation of TPMS is used in harsh environments with high temperature and high pressure, and the battery is not easy to replace. The guarantee parameter of the tire supplier is 120km/5 years for the tire. (Battery life is only 2 years if EEPROM is used)

TPMS will use a FeRAM-based battery-free solution – energy harvesting. We recommend Fujitsu FeRAM, 64K Bit I2C Non-volatile memory IC, MB85RC64TAPNF-G-AWERE2, for it.

High-speed programming, low power consumption, high read and write durability:

Monitor and record whether the airbag works normally after activation. These records will be used as a legal basis to deal with the cause of the accident and pursue legal responsibility.

Real-time monitoring of empty seat information and passenger weight to ensure accurate and timely activation of airbags.

TPMS 004

At present, in order to support new energy vehicle technology and autonomous driving technology, Fujitsu has developed and mass-produced high temperature resistant (125 degrees) automotive grade (AECQ100) products. In the future, Fujitsu will continue to develop more car-grade products suitable for the development of new energy vehicle technology and autonomous driving technology, providing customers with more choices.

TPMS 005